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  • Fiberglass squeegee for PV /PCB
  • Squeegees for textiles
  • Squeegees for CD and DVD
  • Squeegees for UV inks
  • Squeegees for glass and ceramic
  • Squeegees for electronic
  • Squeegees for solar
  • Squeegee for graphics printing
  • Triple Durometer squeegee
  • Squeegee with handle ( wood and aluminum )
  • Squeegee for clean and car sticker
  • Other accessories
  • Squeegee with handle ( wood and aluminum )

    Handle printing

    Type 1 wooden handle 

    Light weight and 1M length ( kinds of size squeegee selection based on your application )

    Type 2 Aluminum handle

    Precision Extruded Aluminum Squeegee, lightweight yet built to last a lifetime. Ridges inside the squeegee opening help grip the rubber firmly with even pressure without piercing the blade or distorting it.

    Squeegee is held perfectly straight and flat. The squeegee is pre-drilled and screwed every three inches.

    To replace the rubber, simply loosen the screws and insert replacement rubber. 

      Aluminum Squeegee available with 60,65,70,75,80, 85 or triple durometer blade. 

      Reduces cleanup time. 

      Quick rubber replacement. Precision rubber alignment


    Machine printing
    Type 3 machine use handle

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