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  • Fiberglass squeegee for PV /PCB

    Fiberglass squeegee for PV /PCB

    Fiber glass squeegee introduction

    Squeegee size : 9mm thickness , height 20mm

    applicable to the solar cell silver paste, touch-screen conductive lines, screen printing light guide plate, etc.

    A, product characteristics

    1, Zero error

    SD-fiberglass squeegee imported mould casting material squeegee rubber as scraping knife edge, so that we can ensure the hardness is consistent , it can expand the printing life and avoid wrong print data.

    2, imported molded plastic materials

    imported polyurethane material squeegee ,with excellent solvent resistance feature. It can print more than 30000 times with single side..

    3, glass fiber material

    the squeegee is inserted with the high strength glass fiber board, this design makes the squeegee very stable performance during the printing process,

    the product advantages

    1, long life use , more than 30000 times print

    2, very suitable for precision printing, such as solar photovoltaic (pv), touch screen, light guide, fine lines, fine branch.

    3. Stable performance with the fiberglass material

    use parameters

    1. printing Angle: 70 degrees

    2, reduce printing pressure


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